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C&M Telephone

Business Telephone Systems

VoIP Communications Products

Voice Mail

CTI Application Products

Voice & Data Wiring

Fully licensed in Connecticut (T1-181740)







Full line of Telephone and VoIP Products


For your Vertical / Comdial Phone Systems

FX Time Sync Utility

Are you tired of faxing your customers the Time Change programming sequence

for Comdial / Vertical DXP, DXP Plus, FX-96, FX Series (FXS, FXT) , FXII and MP5000 PBX's ?

Do you have systems with pre feature set 15A software with no daylight saving time feature.

Do you have newer FXII or MP5000 systems with the new Services II card that can't keep the clock correct ?

Then here is your solution, a utility that runs in the background on any PC with Windows 2000 or XP

and a Modem that is connected to a system IST port.

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Looking for a Fast and Convenient

way to List and Print all your Mail Boxes

for Key Voice Interchange Voice Mail ?


Here is a FREE utility.



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McKay Products USA

Two Way Radio Accessories


Speaker Microphones

Covert Surveillance Accessories

Police and Tactical Communications Accessories

Custom Designs and OEM Manufacturing


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 Looking for more Software?

K1PUís Free Ham Radio Software



Thatís right, Mark is GIVING AWAY software!

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